Preparation a l'examen du DELF A2 + CD audio - 9782011554543 - front cover

Preparation a l'examen du DELF A2 + CD audio

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Preparation a l'examen du DELF A2 + CD audio.

Level A2.

To prepare for the DELF , Diplôme d'études en Langue Française, level A2 of the CEFR and to develop their skills in an action-oriented perspective, this book offers a series of scenarios in which the learner is 'the hero'.

Highly contextualized, all the activities are carried out in situation. The learner engages in problem solving by performing tasks relating to everyday life situations.

Work on the four skills                                                                                                          - listening comprehension                                                                                                    - written comprehension
- written production
- oral production

Through three phases
- spot your strengths and weaknesses
- develop your skills
- pass the exam

With an enclosed CD containing the recordings of the oral comprehension and oral production activities and, in the appendix, the answer keys and transcription of the recordings.

Published in 2007, paperback, 128 pages.

ISBN 9782011554543

Authors - Nathalie Hirschsprung, Alexandre Holle

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782011554543