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Lola y Leo 1 - Libro del alumno

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Lola y Leo 1 - Libro del alumno.

Level A1.1.

Lola and Leo 1 is a manual for children between 7 and 11 years old that proposes a simple and fun method.

Students learn childhood themes in a progressive and playful way: they talk with their classmates, draw, sing, represent, and listen to real and natural auditions.

It consists of seven units, three intercultural sections and an annex with cut-out material to energize the activities.

Each unit offers very dynamic activities, lexicon, grammar and phonetics sections and a fun manual activity to continue learning and playing.

It incorporates a new concept of visual grammar so that students learn in a clearer and more playful way.

It also offers seven original songs and a video to learn the alphabet (downloadable content).

Published in 2016, paperback, 80 pages, 30x21cm.

ISBN 9788416347698

Authors - M. Fritzler, F. Lara & D. Reis

Publisher - Difusion

  • Publisher  Difusion
  • ISBN  9788416347698