À la une 1 – Livre de l’élève + online audio MP3. A1

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À la une 1 – Livre de l’élève + online audio MP3. A1.

Level A1.

The À la une 1 Student Book is a component of the À la une collection, the FLE method for adolescents.

  • A teenager (his life, his city, his hobbies, his passions, etc.) as the common thread of each unit.
  • The French-speaking world approached through the interests of the adolescent protagonists.
  • Creative projects and mini-projects that allow for great learner involvement.
  • A method that makes the student want to express their creativity (making videos, interviews, etc.).
  • Numerous group activities that facilitate interactions within the class.
  • A playful dimension very present in the method.
  • A progressive and inductive construction of knowledge as well as detailed explanations of grammar and systematization exercises.
  • Mental maps to visualize the lexicon with fun exercises to help memorize it.
  • Effective preparation for DELF school and junior exams.
  • A cultural quiz to take stock of the acquired knowledge of each unit.

Published in 2019, paperback, 160 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9788417260866

Author - Aurore Jarlang

Publisher - Editions Maison des Langues

  • Publisher  Editions Maison des Langues
  • ISBN  9788417260866