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Sésame 2 · Livre de l'élève. A1

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Sésame 2 · Livre de l'élève

Structure of the student's book:
6 courses built around playful and motivating themes with:

3 learning lessons
A double page "I discover"/"My projects"
A great collaborative escape game

In appendices:
a visual grammar,
a mental map summarizing the achievements of the courses,
a talent quiz.

Sésame offers teachers an action-oriented approach that is easy to implement: the approach is simple and progressive, the instructions clear and the working methods varied.
The playful dimension and the consideration of multiple intelligences throughout the method allow each student to progress with confidence.
The lessons present documents close to the world of pre-teens accompanied by motivating activities and games.
The large place given to the oral encourages speaking and boxes dedicated to the discovery of the language promote memorization.
The page "I discover" the curiosity of the pupils around various themes and the class project is based on the creativity of each one to enrich a collective production.
At the end of each course, a collaborative escape game leads the class into the universe of a personality. Six fun puzzles will engage and test students' knowledge.
Sesame promotes group activities to learn together.
Sesame is a modular method that adapts to your class thanks to the "Activities +" of the book. Paper and digital resources are designed for use in class or remotely.

Published in 2021, paperback, 80 pages.

ISBN 9782017112792

Authors - Hugues Denisot

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017112792