Peur sur la ville - LFF A2 + online audio - 9782011554574 - Front cover

Peur sur la ville - LFF A2 + online audio

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Peur sur la ville - LFF A2 + online audio.

The Thing has been sleeping for so long that it has forgotten time. Hidden underground, she waits for the Hour. She sleeps, she will wake up one day. When the end of human beings is near...

To motivate adolescents and get them to read in French, the Read in Easy French collection presents new illustrated stories, adapted to the language level of learners and close to their tastes and interests.

At the end of each story, an educational file offers:
- activities for a fun use of the text;
- a monolingual lexicon for understanding difficult words and expressions.

Published in 2006, paperback, 48 pages, 20x13.5cm.

ISBN 9782011554574

Author -  Adam ROY 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782011554574