Le Colonel Chabert - LFF A2 - 9782014016314 - front cover

Le Colonel Chabert - LFF A2 + audio CD

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Le Colonel Chabert - LFF A2 + audio CD.

A single reading collection for all levels!

Colonel Chabert died at the Battle of Eylau. However, a few years later, a man comes to ask for help from Maître Derville: he says he is the colonel and wants to find his wife and his fortune...

The LFF collection:
Accessible from the beginner level and organized in four levels (A1, A2, B1, B2)
Includes comprehension activities, thematic sheets and integrated answer keys
The plus: an audio version included with all the recorded text.

Published in 2019, paperback, 96 pages, 20x13.5cm.

ISBN 9782014016314

Authors - Nicolas Gerrier

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782014016314