Salsa en La Habana - 9788497788199 - Front cover

Salsa en La Habana + online audio. A1+

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Salsa en La Habana + online audio.

A1+ Level.

Marina wins a trip to Havana in a raffle and the whole family goes on vacation. In Cuba, Marina meets Jorge, a salsa teacher, and Paula, a Spanish girl. But a problem arises that they must solve.

It offers a current and representative language of spoken Spanish.
Includes explanatory notes in each chapter.
With comprehension and reflection activities after reading.
Solution at the end of the book.

Published in 2014, paperback, 72 pages, 14.5x21.5cm.

ISBN 9788497788199

Publisher - SGEL

Author - Corpas Viñals, Jaime & Maroto Morales, Ana

  • Publisher  SGEL
  • ISBN  9788497788199