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Les Loustics 2: Livre de l'élève A1

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Les Loustics 2: Livre de l'élève.

Level A1.

Discover the new method for children with Alice, Léo and Maggie, three jokers, for a motivating and fun learning of French!

Loustics 2 (A1) is a method rich in visual and sound documents . The method offers an action-oriented and creative approach , based on play to give the child the pleasure and taste for learning.

In each unit:
5 one-page learning lessons with varied activities and in-context lexicon to build vocabulary
A Petit Doc page for cultural and interdisciplinary openness with accessible and diversified authentic documents
A concrete and simple project to act and practice speaking French
Every two units, a Brainstorming page to reactivate learning while having fun

An easy-to-use method , close to the tonic and joyful world of children
A smooth progression, based on concrete communication situations and simple activities
A cultural and interdisciplinary openness and the realization of concrete projects
The progressive introduction of writing in the activity book
A wealth of additional resources : 200 image cards, a resource file, more than 10 songs and TNI digital activities to animate the class

Published in 2013, paperback, 72 pages.

ISBN 9782011559043

Authors - Marianne Capouet, Hugues Denisot

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782011559043