Adomania 3 - Pack Livre + Version numérique - 9782017133629 - front cover

Adomania 3 - Pack Livre + Version numérique

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Adomania 3 - Pack Livre + Version numérique

The Book + Digital Version Pack offer combines your paper manual and a download card for its digital version (24-month license).

1 “Discovery” folder
8 "Steps" folders with 3 learning lessons + 1 double page " Cultures "/" Project "
1 double page “Training”
1 “Assessment” page
1 DELF training
In the appendix: the transcription of the recordings, an illustrated lexicon, a grammatical summary and a conjugation table
1 CD-ROM (audio + video)
(videos also available on the site)

Adomania encourages collective learning with phases of work in small groups and a collective task.
Easy to use, with short and varied routes within each lesson
Centered on the experience of teenagers
Clear and contextualized language work
An original video documentary (+ exploitation sheets in the educational guide)
An innovative digital offer with a digital student and teacher manual and a digital course!
As a bonus, 12 authentic “trendy teen” videos with exploitation sheets to download from the TV5MONDE website

Published in 2020, paperback, 127 pages.

ISBN 9782017133629

Authors - Fabienne Gallon, Celine Himber, Alice Reboul 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017133629