Introduction to Sicilian Grammar

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Introduction to Sicilian Grammar.

Comprehensive grammar of the Sicilian language.

Includes free audio CD "The Sounds of Sicilian".

This is the first comprehensive grammar of the Sicilian language available for English speakers. It is also the first serious attempt at treating the various different forms of spoken Sicilian as expressions of the same underlying language. Dr. Bonner's work ought to dispel the notion that Sicilian is not a language, but a dialect.

With Sicilian-English & English-Sicilian Vocabularies.

Published in 2001, paperback, 224 pages, 24x17cm.

ISBN 9781881901259

Author - J.K. "Kirk" Bonner, edited by Gaetano Cipolla

Publisher - Legas

  • Publisher  Legas
  • ISBN  9781881901259