Teaching Guide for Certification in Greek - Pistopoiisi Eparkeias tis Ellinomatheias

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Teaching Guide for Certification in Greek / Certificate of attainment in Greek.

The New Comprehensive Examination Syllabus of the Centre for the Greek Language presents this new syllabus.

This revised second edition corrects omissions found in the previous edition, along with adjusting and adapting the language objectives of each level to the age and motivation of the candidates of the examination.

NOTE - the book only has Greek text - there is no English text in this book.

    Published in 2013, 2nd edition, paperback, 302 pages, 24x17cm.

    ISBN 9789607779557

    Authors - Karakyrgiou, M. & Panagiotidou, V.

    Publisher - Greek Language Centre, Greece

    • Publisher  Greek Language Centre
    • ISBN  9789607779557